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A Journey Towards Sustainability

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Cotton, a leading natural fiber, is one of the most important fibers and cash crops in the world and plays a dominant role in the industrial and agricultural economies of many countries. It is always the preferred natural source of textile material in the fashion industry.  Cotton is essentially produced for its fiber, which is collectively used as a textile raw material. Cotton is an imperative commodity in the world economy.

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Yarn plays an important role in determining the characteristics of fabrics. A textile yarn may be defined as a long fine fiber strand of parallel continuous filaments or twisted staple fibers. These yarns are used for Weaving, Knitting, or any other form of fabric assembly.


GM International is a trusted company based in Gujarat involved in the supply of cotton fiber and yarn with high global standards and with an intention of protecting Earth’s natural resources, climate, and ecosystem. We started our journey in the year 2011 as a cotton ginner and since then our fair practices have gained us reliable and reputed buyers, domestically and globally. With active involvement in cotton farming, seed cotton grading, and cotton ginning, we make sure that only the best quality cotton will reach our buyers.

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