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Yarn plays an important role in determining the characteristics of Fabrics. GM International brings forth a flawless range of yarn meeting the market needs. We cover a wide range of superior quality Cotton Yarn, Polyester Yarn, Polyester/Cotton Blended Yarn, CVC Yarn, Linen Yarn, and Bamboo Yarn. We offer a much wider range in Yarn count from 6s to 120s made with Indian Cotton & Egyptian Giza Cotton and with a blend of Egyptian Giza Cotton/DCH32. These yarns are used for Weaving, Knitting, or any other form of fabric assembly. These yarns can also be made with the help of our “Create Your Own Yarn” program to meet specific requirements from the customers. With a view to diversify our range of products, we are offering yarn made from Indian, Australian, Egyptian, and USA cotton as well as GOTS Certified, BCI Certified, and Primark Certified Sustainable & Organic Yarn.

Overseas Supply to China, Bangladesh, Sri lanka and Europe


Weaving Yarn

  • Cotton Carded Yarn: Ne 16/1 to Ne 46/1

  • Cotton Combed Yarn: Ne 16/1 to Ne 105/1

  • Cotton Compact Yarn: Ne 20/1 to Ne 120/1

  • T F O Yarn: Ne 2/16 to 2/120

  • Elite Twist Yarn: Ne 2/20 to 2/80    


Knitting Yarn

  • Cotton Carded Yarn: Ne 20/1 to Ne 42/1

  • Cotton Combed Yarn: Ne 16/1 to Ne 60/1

  • Cotton Compact Yarn: Ne 20/1 to Ne 46/1

  • T F O YARN: Ne 2/20 to Ne 2/60


Open-end Yarn (100% Cotton)

  • Ne 6/1 to Ne 32/1 (100% Cotton Open End Yarn)

Gassed Mercerised Yarn     

  • Ne 20s to Ne 140s Knitting & Weaving Yarn


Egyptian Giza Cotton Yarn 

  • Combed Compact 100% GIZA Cotton Yarn – Ne 40/1 to Ne 100/1 for Weaving

  • Combed Compact GIZA Cotton Blend Yarn – Ne 40/1 to Ne 100/1 for Weaving

Sustainable Yarns and Organic Yarns

  • Ne 20/1 to Ne 100/1 Knitting & Weaving Yarn

    • Organic/ Fair-trade/ Fair-trade Organic/ BCI / Primark Certified


Linen Yarn & Linen Blended Yarn

  • 5 Lea to 100 Lea Knitting & Weaving Yarn

    • 100% Linen Yarn 

    • Blends: Linen/Cotton, Linen/Rayon, Linen/Polyester

Image by Anna Auza

Bamboo Yarn

  • Ne 20/1 to Ne 60/1 Knitting & Weaving Yarn

    • 100% Bamboo Yarn

    • Bamboo – Cotton Blended Yarn

Viscose Spun Yarn

  • Ne 20/1 to Ne 60/1 Knitting & Weaving Yarn

    • 100% Viscose Yarn

    • P/V Blends Yarn: 65/35, 52/48


Polyester-Cotton Blended Yarn

  • Ne 10/1 to Ne 40/1 Knitting & Weaving Yarn

    • Blends: 65/35, 52/48, 40/60, 30/70, 20/80

Image by Maranda Vandergriff

Create Your Own Yarn

Take advantage of our expertise in the design of Speciality & High-performance Yarns. From Sustainable to Recycled Yarns, GM International will work with its customers in their development of innovative products for their speciality markets.

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