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Speciality Yarn

GM International delivers a diverse range of Speciality and Recycled Yarn produced with utmost care. Our range of Specialty Yarn includes Mélange Yarn, Vortex Yarn, Indigo Dyed Yarn, Modal & Tencel Yarn, Space Dyed Yarn, Flame-Retardant Yarn and Recycled Yarn with GRS Certification.  
With a view to expand our collection of Indigo Dyed Yarn, we offer Indigo Dyed Yarn made out of Virgin Fibers as well as Recycled materials. Our Recycled Yarn is eco-friendly and made from Pre-Consumer garment cutting waste and Polyester made from recycled PET bottles. Recycled Indigo Denim Yarn offered by us is made from cotton recovered from discarded denim waste and recycled plastic bottle waste. At GM International, we promise blend consistency, supply chain transparency, and traceability of recycled material.
Mélange Yarns are popular because of their attractive and exceptional fabric appearance. We offer a comprehensive choice of products which also includes Bamboo Mélange Yarn, Color Mélange Yarn, and Open-End Mélange Yarn.
Modal & Tencel are considered to be the most eco-friendly fibers as they originate from the raw material wood. Yarns made out of these fibers are pleasantly comfortable and are designed to regulate the absorption and release of moisture.
With the help of our “Create Your Own Yarn” program, we at GM International help you to achieve sustainability goals in your textile value chain.




Recycled Yarn – GRS Certified

  • Recycled Knitting Yarn - Ne 20/1 to Ne 40/1 (100 % Cotton, Cotton Blended with Polyester)

  • Recycled Weaving Yarn - Ne 6/1 to Ne 40/1 (100 % Cotton, Cotton Blended with Polyester)

  • Recycled Mélange Yarn - Ne 12/1 to Ne 40/1 (Blends: Cotton/Polyester/Wool)

  • Recycled Denim Yarn - Ne 6/1 to Ne 16/1 (Blends: Cotton/Polyester)

Melange / Heather Yarn

  • Ne 10s to Ne 60s 

    • 100% Cotton Mélange Yarn

    • 100% Polyester Mélange Yarn

    • 100% Viscose Mélange Yarn 

    • Blends: Cotton/Polyester, Polyester/Viscose blended Mélange Yarn

    • Neppy Mélange Yarn


Vortex Yarn

  • Ne 16s to Ne 50s 

    • 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, 100% Viscose, 100% Modal

    • Cotton/Viscose blended Vortex Yarn

    • Cotton/Modal blended Vortex Yarn

Indigo Dyed Yarn

  • Ne 20s to Ne 40s (Single & Multifold) Knitting & Weaving Yarn

    • 100% Cotton Indigo Dyed Yarn   

    • Cotton - Poly Blended Indigo Yarn   

    • Cotton - Lycra Indigo Dyed yarn


Space Dyed Yarn

  • Ne 10s to Ne 60s / 80D to 200D

    • 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester,100% Acrylic

    • Blended Yarns

Modal and Tencel Yarns

  • Ne 40s to Ne 80s 

    • 100% Modal

    • 100% Tencel

    • Blended Yarns

Image by Marina Ermakova
Image by Paul Hanaoka

Create Your Own Yarn

Take advantage of our expertise in the design of Speciality & High-performance Yarns. From Sustainable to Recycled Yarns, GM International will work with its customers in their development of innovative products for their speciality markets.

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